Stage Fright – The Next Stage, by Stefan Lubo

We are recording Stage Fright on 15th September at Quince Qtudios in London. Abi Titmuss and Alex Barclay return to play Geraldine and Peter.
The actor now playing Charles is Andrew McBean who trained at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and has worked extensively in TV and theatre since.
The rest of the crew are Mariele Runacre-Temple – Founder of The WTC and a fine illustrator!
Lynn Howes – The playwright
Emma Taylor – The Director
And Jack Bowman who is assistant producing and helped Mariele adapt the script for radio. 
I, Stefan will be taking photos of the rehearsal and the recording and enjoying seeing my theatrical baby reborn, this time for a worldwide audience. The pleasure of seeing something that was just a plot structure in my head many years ago, made manifest in a brilliant script by Lynn Howes and then become performed in the flesh and now the airwaves by a talented team of theatre professionals and actors is difficult to describe, but wholly wonderful.
The recording will take place @ Quince Studios, a very small but super studio in Marylebone, engineered by the fab Matt Walters who will lead us through the day. We’ll rehearse on Monday, working with Andrew in the role and ironing everything out. In the studio there isn’t a lot of time for notes as we have to move very fast. We have a tight recording schedule that we’ll need to stick to, usually allowing no more than 2 takes for each scene! They’ll have a microphone each and probably work in sequence.

Watch out for future posts, as editing progresses and we ultimately load it up on the WTC website for you to download as a podcast!

~ by wirelesstc on September 9, 2011.

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