The Making of “RAT” by Ann Theato

RAT by Ann Théato

A radio play

48 hours

8 people

It’s a race …

– against time

– against the elements

– against getting to the pastries before the Director

The events which led to the writing of Rat occurred in 2003. I was moved – in a truly horrible way – I came straight in and wrote the story in half an hour.

The story was written from strong emotions. When something really, really moves me, I have to somehow capture it. Like an artist who is compelled to paint. Or a photographer who captures the horror or beauty of an occasion. Perhaps that’s what Rat was. Horror and beauty all at the same time.

Radio is an ideal medium with which to tell Rat’s story. Walter Pater once said, “All art constantly aspires to the condition of music”. Telling the story in radio play format, forces you to feel, to see with the mind’s eye and to climb inside the head of the narrator and feel what she feels.

Yesterday, we recorded the whole thing, luckily in gorgeous sunshine. Right now, we are halfway through the afternoon of Day Two. We’ve set ourselves a 48-hour deadline in which to record, edit & upload this play and just to add a little spice – we’re also filming the entire process, which necessitates us also editing together a “making of” documentary film. Exciting times here at Wireless!

It is 5pm and right now, George Maddocks, Director and Erica Basnicki our amazing Sound Engineer, are sitting in the front room together going through the takes and discussing which ones to use. I’m in here as well, writing this blog. Steve Spence is sitting at the kitchen table, going through film footage to get screen grabs and photographs to upload onto Tumblr and he’s also putting together a trailer for YouTube. Polly Haynes, Musician, has composed a fabulous music track, which is currently sitting in my in-box waiting for George’s attention and Nick Maddocks, (yes, he’s George’s brother), the Director’s Assistant, who has been brilliant, is now suffering with a heavy head cold, poor chap. He is currently sniffing his way up Cricklewood Broadway in search of some medication and we are all eagerly awaiting the arrival of Brendan Carr, Videographer and Film Editor, so we can watch his rough take footage. He’s been up ALL night editing and only got a 3 hour nap.

Rat will be available for download later on tonight. Stay tuned. We’d love to hear your comments.

Check out the full set of photos, videos and further blogs at:



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